Ostrich vs. Leather

When searching the Internet for an Ostrich skin belt to buy my boyfriend for Christmas, I came across some alarming information. I clicked on a link that said “find out why Ostrich products are a humane option.” The link provided information by PETA talking about cruel treatment of cattle, frequently referring to the fact leather is made from “the flesh” or these animals. Here is that excerpt.

Ostrich Products: A Humane Alternative Here is an excerpt from peta.org. “Much of the leather sold in the U.S.
comes from India, where cows are
marched long distances to the few
states where slaughter is legal. During
the hellish journey, cattle are denied food
and water, beaten, and often have their
tails broken, joint by joint, and have hot
peppers and tobacco rubbed into their
eyes to force them to walk after they have
collapsed from exhaustion. Their hooves
are often worn down to stumps.
When transported by truck, cattle are
crammed so closely together that they
trample and suffocate one another and
gouge and blind each other with their
horns during the long, bumpy journey.
Once inside the slaughterhouse, their
throats are slit, and some have their legs
hacked off or are skinned while still alive.”

    The author than wrote about the humane treatment Ostriches are raised under and offered Ostrich products as a humane alternative to leather. What the author failed to realize is that by disseminating radical, uneducated information about a portion of the animal for fiber industry, they are really hurting the industry as a whole. The bottom line is organizations such as PETA and the HSUS want to end all animal agriculture. As a response, animal agriculture must bind together and defend ourselves as a whole. We can’t tear down one segment to help another, because in the end we’d all lose.    

     The good news is the Web site author answered my e-mail within an hour, promising to edit the content by Monday. This just goes to prove that one person’s input can make a difference.


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