quick to blame

I got sick – and I mean really sick – after getting home from a debate tournament in Cleavland last weekend. When speculating as to the source everyone was quick to blame food poising, especially since the other debater who got sick ate the rest of my meal, a rare steak and pasta dish from Olive Garden.

It even got to the point where I was questioning the food as well. I’ve had food poising once before and this felt very similar. I know that ordering a steak rare didn’t pose a health issue, but what if they had prepared the food improperly? What if there a cross-contamination issue? Or, what else had Ian and I ate that could have gotten us sick? I was almost relieved when a third debater would up sick as well. Turns out it was a virus.

The lesson I took away reminded me of something my mom once said about washing vegetables, something I wasn’t consistent about doing. She said if I were to get sick with food poising people would automatically blame beef because that’s what I’m associated with. She was right and now I take extra care when preparing my food for that reason.


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