Oprah’s “cleanse” eliminates meat

Oprah is going on a 21-day body cleanse where she’s eliminated caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten and animal products from her diet. This concerns me because Oprah is an influential star, particularly with women. She’s butted heads with the beef industry before when she was sued in 1996 for a statement on her show that Mad Cow disease had stopped her cold from eating another hamburger. Oprah’s just one of many well-publicized celebrties with questionable eating habits. Peta has a poll alowing you to vote for 2008’s sexiest vegetarian celebrity.

While the list looks long, think of everyone whose not on it. There are many more famous meat eaters. Shouldn’t there stories be told as well? Perhaps the industry should work to make ties with famous meat lovers in order to combat the image PETA is trying to portray that it’s cool to be a veggie. Having Matthew Mcconaughey serving as the new voice of beef is a step in that direction.



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2 responses to “Oprah’s “cleanse” eliminates meat

  1. cwb

    The beef industry has endured far worse than Oprah skipping burgers for a few weeks. There are always going to be those people out there who proclaim red meat to be the dietary downfall of our world. Although Oprah is an influential celebrity, I am confident that the industry can withstand this.

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