Chimps to gain human rights in Australia??!!

An animal rights activist group in Australia is appealing to the Europian Court of Human Rights to have a Chimpanzee declared human. Siting that chimps share much DNA with people, advocates claim they are persuing this case because they want chimps to have the legal right to receive money donated for their care but only people are eligible to receive gifts.
“We appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, because everybody is entitled to a fair trial, even chimps,” said Martin Balluch, president of the Association Against Animal Factories.
This case is extremely disturbing as it could open Pandora’s box for animals besides humans to receive human rights. This is clearly just one step towards the goal of destroying animal agriculture. Agriculturists need to emphasize the difference between animal welfare – treating animals in a reasonable way by providing for their basic needs with causing undo harm – and animal rights, because only humans posses innate rights. Read this UK Telegraph article for more information.


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