KFC Canada caves to PETA’s demands

PETA announced Sunday that KFC Canada will phase into purchasing only chickens harvested through controlled-atmosphere killing. As a result of this and other concessions, PETA is halting its “Kentucky Fried Cruelty” campaign in Canada but is continuing campaign efforts in the U.S. Owned by Priszm, KFC Canada has 461 locations, more than half of the KFC’s in Canada. This is a different company than the owner of KFC’s 4,500 U.S. restaurants.

In addition to phasing into 100 percent CAK, KFC Canada added a vegan faux-chicken item in all of its locations, created an animal welfare advisory panel and is ramping up its animal welfare audit aimed at reducing broken bones and other bird injuries. Additionally, the company is encouraging producers to lower stocking density, phase out the use of growth-promoting drugs, reduce ammonia levels and improve lighting in barns. For more information read the PETA press release.

PETA’s well-executed public perception campaign gave them a victory in Canada. There were protests and many letter written boycotting KFC. How many people do you think wrote letters from the other perspective, letting KFC know they had support? Probably not many. It seems like our greatest struggle as an industry is the motivation of activists to have their voices heard surpasses that of those who don’t mind things the way they are. It isn’t until things change that these people will speak out, if they do. There is always greater motivation when your on the side trying to elicit change. Do you have any ideas how the industry could provide a better support system for companies facing activist attacks?


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