California Ballot Issue – responding to misconceptions

I’d like to respond to misconceptions presented in comments on my June 13 and June 17 posts on the California ballot issue.
1. First of all, these are not concerned consumers posting but rather radical activists trying to eliminate choice for the rest of the public. Jennifer Fearing and Paul Schapiro are both HSUS employees. Mark Hawthorne is the author of the book “Striking at The Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism.”
2. This is not a modest reform but rather requires each bird to have 5 and half feet of room. This makes no sense, as free birds would huddle together anyway naturally. They already have plenty of room based on scientific welfare studies. This isn’t about the animal welfare but rather raising production costs in an effort to sabotage the industry.
3. The changes would be too expensive for egg producers to afford. California farmers would be obligated to build 8 to 16 times more hen houses and raise production costs by at least 76 percent. “The out-of-state competition from farmers not facing such onerous regulations would drive California egg farmers out of business,” said Tom Earley, the economist and chief author of the study showing the costs of passing the ballot issue. “Consumers will also feel another economic hit in terms of higher prices, fewer locally-produced fresh eggs and less choice at their neighborhood stores.”
4. Under this law, consumers would not get a healthier or higher quality product. This has no impact on egg quality. They will simply have a more expensive product and no ability to chose for themselves what they want to pay and if the difference in production practices is worth the added costs for them personally.


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