Californians for Safe Food

If you’ve been watching the ballot issue in California and are looking for a way to get involved, here’s your answer. The Californians for Safe Food are taking a stand against the issue, which would essentially eliminate egg production in California. Visit there Web site to learn more or to join in their cause.

Here’s a little more info about the group, straight from it’s Web site.

A Washington, D.C.-based special interest group has undertaken a nationwide effort to ban current safe and humane farming practices, particularly regarding housing requirements for egg-laying hens. After failing to enact these bans in six other states, this group has ignored national and statewide experts, circumvented the California State Legislature and now qualified an initiative for the November 4, 2008 statewide ballot.

This unnecessary initiative would place new, extreme mandates on how egg-laying hens are housed, banning almost all modern egg production in California, which would have dangerous and expensive consequences for our state. The measure would jeopardize food safety and public health, effectively eliminate local, California-grown eggs, lead to consumer reliance on eggs shipped from other states and Mexico, and drive up grocery and restaurant prices.

Californians for SAFE Food, a coalition of family farmers, veterinarians and consumers, is urging a NO vote on this initiative.


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