Caviness reply to HSUS video

Caviness Beef Packers released the following press release responding to their name being mentioned in this weeks HSUS video. The video tries to tie the non ambulatory cattle to the specific packing plant with no real evidence. Worse yet, the mention the school lunch program – more as a scare factor than anything else – because they don’t have a link there either.

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2008

No Link to Caviness Beef Packers in HSUS Video

Hereford, TX – Caviness Beef Packers was mentioned today in a shocking report by the Humane Society of the United States. Despite HSUS’s sensationalizing insinuations, they have stated clearly that there is no linkage between these animals and Caviness Beef Packers. Furthermore, these images from auction markets are not representative of the animals purchased or processed by Caviness Beef Packers.

“Caviness Beef Packers has rigid policies to keep all non-ambulatory cattle from entering our production process. And we have detailed records to demonstrate this,” said Caviness Beef Packers President Terry Caviness.

Caviness Beef Packers operates one of the newest, most modern, state of the art harvest facilities in the nation. All cattle received by Caviness pass USDA ante mortem inspection prior to slaughter. USDA regulations stipulate that all non-ambulatory cattle must be excluded from any harvest facility and the food supply. Caviness Beef Packers is in strict compliance with all USDA requirements and does not process any downer cattle. Similarly, the company’s Palo Duro meat processing facility meets or exceed all government regulations. This is verified by multiple in-house and 3rd party verifications.

“We take very seriously humane handling and food safety. We have rigorous protocols and employee training for all animal handling. We do not buy non-ambulatory animals and at no time do we process non-ambulatory animals. As a progressive beef packer and further processor, we focus on maintaining an environment for producing products that exceed the highest food safety standards,” added Caviness.

Vigorous product quality monitoring, customer specifications, and USDA inspection are utilized to establish and implement meaningful standard operating procedures for the processing and distribution of all Caviness products.

The Caviness family has been in the beef packing business for over forty years and currently has 2nd and 3rd generation family members who are actively involved. The company has over 400 employees in its two processing locations and markets products worldwide.

(Contact: Terry Caviness, President, Caviness Beef Packers, Ltd., (806) 357-2333)


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