Farm Animal Teatment Act threatens our personal freedom

With Independence Day tomorrow, I’ve been thinking about freedom, and what it means to me. Our Nation’s forefathers took great risks to afford us the freedom we enjoy today. I consider it my most prized possession – something I’d never want to jeopardize. However, our society has come to a place where comfort and immediate self interest comes before freedom for many. This can most easily be seen in frivolous lawsuits and self-serving legislation giving the government more and more control over our lives.

I consider the Farm Animal Treatment Act / Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act is a prime example. A small group of people are pushing their interests – a vegan society – through legislation. This would just add a law that restricts peoples right to chose. The law would take away the choice of conventionally produced eggs that most Californians enjoy. Those who don’t want to eat conventional eggs can already chose to not consume them, or to pay extra to purchase eggs produced the way they prefer. They have their choice. Now, they’re trying to take the other option away from others. I understand that supporters of this bill would like to spread a vegan lifestyle. However, giving the government more regulatory powers and legally restricting consumers is not the way to go about it.


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