Family Farms Alive and Well

With the increasing integration of agriculture and media exposure of factory farms, many people forget that farming and ranching is still mainly a family-oriented business. Even many “corporations” are family agri-businesses that are incorporated to limit liability. In the short video below Brad Johnson, an actor who grew up on a ranch, talks about how 90 percent of American farms and ranchers are family owned.



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2 responses to “Family Farms Alive and Well

  1. stephanie

    don’t we wish all farms in america looked as nice as that. cows running around and owners petting their heads. i’m sure most of the meat in america comes from places exactly like that.

    how ignorant are you.

  2. Actually, that scene is typical of a cow-calf operation, where heifers and cows graze in open pastures and give birth to calves. The calves then nurse and grze along side their mothers. Some of the calves will go on to be seedstock (breeding animals), while others will be fed out for consumption. When you think of livestock in feedlots your thinking of where market animals spend the last three or four months of their lives.
    Also, the animal the speaker pets on the head is a horse, believe it or not, this too happens all the time.

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