Agriculture Industry focuses on livestock handling

Today I read about two different agriculture groups focusing on safe and responsible handling of livestock. The dairy industry is distributing safe handling posters and the president of the Livestock Marketing Association made comments encouraging diligent attention be paid to livestock handling.

The Dairy Industry Poster:
A poster with guidelines on handling and transporting dairy cows is being offered to dairy producers across the country. The National Milk Producers Federation, along with Dairy Management Inc. and the American Association of Bovine Practitioners are offering the poster to provide guidelines and reinforce the importance of caring for animals properly. The legal-sized poster, titled “Top 10 Considerations for Culling and Transporting Dairy Animals to a Packing or Processing Facility,” is printed on barn-safe plastic in both English and Spanish.

“Consumer interest in animal welfare will continue to grow, and all livestock producers will face increased scrutiny from the marketplace in years to come,” said Thomas Gallagher, chief executive officer of DMI. “This poster demonstrates to farmers and consumers alike their shared interest in animal care and well-being.”

A copy of the poster can also be viewed at For more information read the Dairy Herd Management article.

LMA president comments
Oklahoman Bobby Smith stepped up as the Livestock Marketing Association’s (LMA) new president for 2008-2010, at LMA’s meeting last month. The owner and operator of Fairview Sale Barn in Fairview, Oklahoma, he acknowledged the association has some “heavy lifting” to do on the issue of humane handling of livestock. “We must be vigilant and know who is on our property (and) we must make sure our employees know and follow humane handling practices, at all times.” LMA will continue to speak out, he said, “making it clear that, while there are some exceptions, the overwhelming majority of America’s 1,000 or so markets use humane handling practices.” By “working individually,” Smith said, “we can give (animal rights activists) little or no reason to visit our businesses.”


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