Californians opposing Proposition 2 – the un-SAFE food iniative

Californians opposing Proposition 2 have launched a new campaign calling the proposition the “un-SAFE food initiative.” Here are some of their key points taken from the press release:

* Prop. 2 impacts how egg-laying hens are housed, creating many risky, dangerous and costly consequences for California. The measure jeopardizes food safety and public health; effectively wipes out Californians’ access to locally grown, fresh eggs; creates a consumer dependency on eggs shipped from other states and Mexico; and significantly drives up food prices at a time when families already face skyrocketing gas, housing and other basic living expenses.

*Prop. 2, which bans modern housing systems for egg-laying hens, actually undermines California’s scientifically-developed, modern egg production systems, which are safe, sound and healthy for hens and humans alike. Those systems purposely house egg-laying hens indoors to protect them from contact with migratory and wild birds that can carry Bird Flu and other diseases, and are designed to keep hens from their own waste, as bird feces can contain Salmonella bacteria.

*Proposition 2 puts California’s food safety at risk by increasing the likelihood of egg-associated Salmonella contamination. California currently has the strictest food safety rules for egg production in the U.S., which have been credited with helping control egg-associated Salmonella enteritidis infections in California over the last 10 years. Out-of-state and foreign egg producers, like Mexico, which will become California’s defacto egg suppliers if Proposition 2 passes, do not have the same high food safety standards as California.

*Further, the humane treatment of farm animals is already required by California law and the health and welfare of egg-laying hens is the top priority of California egg farmers

For more information read the press release or visit the Californian’s for Safe Food Web site.


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