Animal Care Iniative Launched

Amid attacks from outside sources the American Farm Bureau has launched an initiative to help farmers and ranchers tell their side of the story. Here’s the press release:

The American Farm Bureau Federation on Wednesday announced the Conversations on Animal Care initiative. The initiative is a comprehensive effort that supports farmers and ranchers who are eager to engage consumers in a positive dialogue to address the concerns of consumers about the care provided to farm animals in the production of meat, milk and eggs. The initiative also helps livestock producers share positive and personal insights on the care they provide farm animals.

A Harris poll conducted earlier this year showed that 57% of respondents agreed with the statement “farmers and ranchers in your state treat their animals humanly” but 34% answered not sure. The survey then gave respondents a series of educational information about animal care and concluded by asking the question again. The second round of questioning saw a 15% jump to 72% saying they agreed or strongly agreed with the statement.

“This tells us that, when presented with basic information about the practical and ethical standards farmers and ranchers maintain, consumers respond positively,” says AFBF Public Relations Director Don Lipton. “The Conversations on Animal Care program is intended to give farmers and ranchers the confidence and tools to do just that.”

A two-day training program that teaches producers to share their stories effectively, help them find an audience and amplify their message of dedicated care of livestock is a major component of the initiative

“This program helps farm families like mine effectively tell the truth about how important animal welfare is to us,” says Chris Chinn, a member of Farm Bureau in Missouri. “As producers, we don’t have to be experts on the whole livestock industry. But we are experts on the care we provide to the livestock on our own farms. That’s a story we can and need to tell.”
To find out more about the Conversations on Animal Care initiative, visit


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