Farm Women Care – Women’s Communication Boot Camp

It’s been almost a week since I posted last. I was busy most of last week with Farm Bureau’s Women’s Communication Boot Camp. I met a great group of women and enjoyed the public speaking and media training opportunities.
The participants traveled across the country to the camp in D.C., where we learned about how to be advocates for agriculture. It was refreshing to see the energy and compassion of these farm women.
The camp started with each of us giving a three minute speech on an area affecting agriculture. One woman shared about her concerns about the death tax making it difficult or even impossible for farms to transfer between generations. Another talked about concerns with regulation of manure under Superfund laws. Many spoke of the importance of rural development. Each spoke passionately about issues facing the industry that they love.
Through training and practice, we all presented on our chosen topic again at the end of the bootcamp. It’s amazing what training, and the confidence that comes with it, can do to improve a performance! I hope that everyone involved will now go share what they learned with people in their home states and put it to use in presentations and media interviews.
If you’re someone who cares about agriculture – or another topic in your community – I encourage you to speak up. Contact media for interviews and speak to groups. Also, look into training that will help you feel more comfortable in those situations. I’d recommend agri-women apply for the Farm Bureau’s Communication Boot Camp next summer.


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