Horse Abandonment on the Rise

A recent USA Today article talks about the sharp increase in horse abandonment cases in the Unisted States. This negative consequence of the ban on horse slaughter in the U.S. was predicted by many in the agriculture industry.



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5 responses to “Horse Abandonment on the Rise

  1. Anyone wishing to send their horse to slaughter can still do so. There has been no slow down in the number of horses slaughtered. Which is the lie? The stories of abandoned horses or that slaughter prevents abandonment?

  2. Lori H.

    Seeing as horse slaughter is not only still available, but EVEN MORE U.S. horses will be slaughtered for human consumption this year than when the three horse slaughter houses were operating in the U.S., I guess you’ll have to look elsewhere for your answer of why there are more abandoned horses. Geez, it wouldn’t be the horrible economy, all-time high hay prices (if you can even find it), and people are losing their jobs and homes left and right, now could it?

  3. This was no prediction this was a planned idea to push among irresponsible backyard breeders. Then when investigated the unwanted loose horses had no facts no proof from town sheriffs that claim there was no such claim or reports.The truth is Auctioneers sales have decreased by low selling to all the killer buyers they once had. Nearly half the killers went out of business. The remaining are hauling horses to mexicos plants and in canada where there are 7 plants. The slaughter numbers has increased only to make up for the prices of fuel cost and not to mention the cost of there lawyers and lobbyist that feed they lies to the public.. This is a business that is fed and promoted by greed, lies, abuse, and neglect. Politicans that ignore humane treatment to animals and profit by supporting there evil efforts. The AVMA and the AAEP have taken an Oath to protect the animals and have failed. They call the word slaughter humane euthania please what idiots believe this.. To see the facts visit and to this day not one organization such as the AQHA,APHA,AAEP,AVMA, or any auctioneer or KB contributes to any Horse Rescues in the US. They all cry the sky is falling instead of helping the horse that is American Icon. These Plants in Texas hired illegal aliens, They operated illegal ignoring a 1949 law, They ignore OSHA violations, They rewarded irresponsible owners, They promoted Theft,abuse, and neglect. Now do the right thing close the exports of our American horses going to Mexico and canada. America right now is losing jobs and carreers support your local horse rescue that saves horses from irresponsible people.. Not support foreigners taste..

  4. Fred Maran

    HSUS and those that have banned slaughter are a sham. The whole thing was about publicity and the votes were from city people who had never had to care for a horse and who think they look pretty out in a field. Those of us who have them in our barns have seen the value of a good riding horse go from 2000 to 500 with the end of slaughter, and auction horses now go for 10.00 to 20.00 each. You cannot give colts away.

    HSUS says they want to prevent cruelty: so US horse slaughter, that had the possibility if being more humane with proper enforcement, was shut down- and horses are now shipped for slaughter, usually to Mexico. The slaughter in Mexico is extremely inhumane- the horses is repeatedly stabbed through the neck until the spinal cord is managed to be severed. There is no pretense at trying to give the horse a quick death. Now, with neglect and abandonment on the rise (I had 2 in my own barn this last week, that the owner could no longer afford to keep) – they point to the fact that many horses are being shipped to Mexico, so slaughter has not gone down much. Hmmmm, I thought the point was to prevent cruelty- seems instead that they have promoted extremely cruel and inhumane deaths for horses, after an extremely long and cruel transport across the US.

    But they got those plants out of the US, and they got their publicity, and they got control over the horse industry- who cares about the animals, right?

  5. Kendra Hebenstreit

    wow this is sad =(

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