American Ag Provides Safe, Affordable Food

With the current economic crisis, more and more Americans are struggling to put food on the table. Requests for food stamps are on the rise across the Nation. Even before the economic crisis hit, 11 percent of homes experienced food insecurity at some point in 2007 (USDA Report).

What does this mean for American Agriculture? Like the rest of the country, farmers and ranchers will be stretched thin to make ends meet for their own families. However, they also play an important national role in providing safe, affordable food. Americans are privileged in the fact we spend a low percent of our disposable income on food compared to other countries. However, in order for this to continue, the public must fight for their right to choose how their food is produced. Legislation like Proposition 2, which passed in California, takes away the choice of safe, affordable food produced through conventional practices. This is unfortunate because that choice may be not just what many families want but also all they can afford.


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