After Effects of Prop 2

There’s been lots of talk in recent weeks about the affect HSUS’s victory with Prop. 2 in California will have on the rest of the nation. A couple days ago I blogged about how HSUS is already primed to hit Ohio w/ a similar effort.

Beef Magazine published a great article last week about how Ag Must Speak with One Voice on Animal Rights. In it, American Agri-Women (AAW) call Proposition 2 was a wakeup call to agriculture and offer suggestions about how Ag can meet the challenges animal rights groups present.

A couple weeks ago, Troy Hadrick with Advocates for Agriculture wrote a blog post titled Prop 2 fuels “freight train.” In it he quotes Chad Gregory, senior vice president of the United Egg Producers, as saying that the industrial activism movement “is coming at us like a freight train,” and will affect all sectors of the Agriculture industry.


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