Undercover Videographer Abuses Animals Himself

In this Time magazine interview, “Pete,” an undercover animal-rights videoagrapher, admits to having “constantly” abused animals himself while working undercover on farms. His video footage lead to the HBO documentary Death on a Factory Farm, which I’ve posted about previously.

Last night, a poultry farm employee posted Undercover Animal Rights Investigator is Hypocrite on the Farm Bureau Blog. In it they say:

“I am outraged. I can’t believe that someone would say that they are so pro-animal rights, yet be so hypocritical. The individual in the piece, “Pete,” admits that he has crossed the line and actually abused animals himself during the course of employment at some farms. He also expects us to feel sorry for him, because his chosen this line of work that causes him to be a habitual liar. He says he moves frequently and doesn’t have a social life. Boo hoo.

As an employee of a poultry farm, I know that our employees go to great lengths to care for our animals. Every individual who works at the farm is advised of our animal care procedures during orientation and is required to sign guidelines on animal care that we call our “pledge of excellence.” Each cage is checked on a daily basis to make sure the chickens have everything that they need. The chickens are our livelihood. If they are not happy, healthy, and well-fed, they will not produce.

I wonder how much of what is seen in the videos that are taken undercover are actually true. Yes, there are “bad eggs” out there, but they are few and far between the successful producers who care for (and about the health of) their animals.”


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