Celebrate Earth Day the Beef Way

Earth Day this Wednesday is an excellent opportunity to share the message about ranchers caring about the environment not just on earth day but every day. In my opinion, ranchers are the original environmentalists because they care for their land in hopes to pass it on from generation to generation. Below is a sample letter to the Editor you can adjust by adding personal stories and send in to your local paper.

Dear Editor:

As we celebrate Earth Day this year I’d like to offer some food for thought. While some people take one day or one week every year to think about their impact on the environment, America’s farmers and ranchers get up every day to care for the land. We are everyday environmentalists.

I’m a cattleman, and I live close to the earth every day. I have seen first-hand how cattle grazing maintains healthy grasslands (cattle are a lot like lawnmowers). Grazing helps control water runoff and erosion, minimize the risk of wildfires and maintain open space and wildlife habitat.

We raise our cattle on the millions of acres of U.S. land that aren’t suitable for growing crops. This almost doubles the land that can be used to produce food in this country.

If anybody wants to know what it means to be an everyday environmentalist, I’d suggest you walk in my boots for a day!



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3 responses to “Celebrate Earth Day the Beef Way

  1. geofftop

    I’m not sure where you stand Chelsia as for me I happened to be eating a steak burger when I came upon your site. Ya we all need to eat I dislike telling people telling me what to eat. After all plants are alive as well as animals and even the vegan’s eat plants.

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