Rush gets Rushed

Rush Limbaugh is getting rushed with emails and phone calls about his recent affiliation with the HSUS. Agriculture groups are busy calling and emailing Rush to let him know what the HSUS is really all about. This action alert from the Animal Agriculture Alliance lists ways to contact Rush over this issue. This morning I commented on a National Institute of Canine Experts (NICE) bog post, which provides information about Rush’s sponsors and suggests contacting them as well. A couple minutes later, I got a call from NICE’s Ami Moore sharing their concerns with the HSUS and commitment to making sure Rush hears from our side of this issue.

It’s important to get involved because HSUS is also busy encouraging its supporters to contact and thank Rush. So far I’ve hear Rush is unwilling to talk about the issue on air.



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2 responses to “Rush gets Rushed

  1. Carol

    Let the beef advocate voices ring!

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