Beef – It’s Whats for Earth Day

Share the message today that beef is a great, environmentally-conscious choice for an Earth Day meal. Beef Producers more than double the land available for food production in the U.S. and take excellent care of that land in order to pass it on to future generations of agriculturists.

If someone wants to talk about methane emissions keep in mind just 6.4 percent of greenhouse emissions can be attributed to the ALL agriculture production in the U.S. Also, beef is a great way to make your carbons count be consuming a delicious, nutrient-rich product that is raised in an environmentally responsible way. This Minnesota article is a great example of getting the message out. For more information, read my previous posts Celebrate Earth Day the Beef Way or Great Example of Earth Day for Cattle Producers.




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2 responses to “Beef – It’s Whats for Earth Day

  1. bethmendenhall

    where are you getting your carbon emissions numbers from?

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