Pacelle Speaks to Farm Broadcasters

HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle spoke to the National Association of Farm Broadcasting last night. Pacelle spends most of his time talking about what the HSUS does. He states HSUS’s policy on animal agriculture as the 3 R’srefining techniques to minimize pain and distress, reducing the number of animals used and where appropriate replacing animals with alternatives.

You can listen to his entire presentation at AgWired, including how he responded to the following question from a farm wife in Tennessee. In my opinion he dodges the question and, as usual, refrains from admitting that HSUS aims to put animal agriculture out of business. However, to me it’s clear that reducing and replacing animal agriculture does exactly that.

I have so many questions for Mr. Pacelle and other animal rights activists. My first question would be how he plans to help those families he is so strongly trying to put out of business or are we to try and find a new way of life, a new home, a new life style? We’ve heard it before, but farming isn’t just a job – it’s a passion. We certainly don’t do it because we’re getting rich. We do it because we love the land, the animals, and the work. The attack on animal agriculture is really an attack on the entire ag industry as we are inter-dependent on one another.

Wayne Pacelle


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