Proof you can make a difference

This is a shout out to my friend Laura, who I met because her sister Beth was on my debate team at K-State. Laura is a vegetarian and active in K-State’s Students for Environmental Action club. I went to a cook out at Beth and Laura’s this week and Laura told me she really likes my blog and especially enjoyed reading my posts around Earth Day.

Laura also told me that things I had posted about caused her to have a conversation with my roomate Ryan about beef and the environment. Laura may not agree with Ryan and I on everything but their conversation made here realize that there is a lot of misinformation presented by motivated communicators and it’s extremely important to talk directly to all sides of an issue.


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One response to “Proof you can make a difference

  1. Good job Chels. We have both talked about this before that it is everyone’s right to choose how and what they eat. I just want them to make that decision after looking at both sides of the issues, and making sure they understand that their is a lot of bias information out there.

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