Food, Inc. Opens This Weekend

Food, Inc. a “documentary” criticizing all of American agriculture opens in major cities this weekend. Here’s what the Reuters story has to say about it:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Bigger-breasted chickens fattened artificially. New strains of deadly E. coli bacteria. A food supply controlled by a handful of corporations.

The documentary “Food, Inc.” opens in the United States on Friday and portrays these purported dangers and changes in the U.S. food industry, asserting harmful effects on public health, the environment, and worker and animal rights.

Big corporations such as biotech food producer Monsanto Co., U.S. meat companies Tyson Food Inc. and Smithfield Foods, and poultry producer Perdue Farms all declined to be interviewed for the film.

But the industry has not stood silent. Trade associations across the $142-billion-a-year U.S. meat industry have banded together to counter the claims. Led by the American Meat Institute, they have created a number of websites, including one called Click here to continue reading.

I have no doubt this film will create a great deal of misinformation and ill will towards the agriculture industry. I’d encourage everyone to be prepared to do their part setting the record straight, especially in comment sections of major reviews and editorials following the movie’s opening.

Food, Inc. Poster


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