Not My Kind of Law

I’m starting law school at Washburn University in August and this Meatingplace blog post made me even more sure I’ve made the right decision. In the post Yvonne Vizzier Thaxton talks about animal law becoming more and more popular at U.S. law schools. However, many of these programs look into issues such as how to defend the rights of animals in the same way you would defend the rights of a human. In fact, George Washington University Law School and the Humane Society of the United States, HSUS, have a joint venture, the Animal Law Litigation Project, which is intended to “improve enforcement of animal protection laws.” However, anything with HSUS involved concerns me. It makes me think of court cases like the one a couple years ago where it was argued since a chimpanzee’s DNA is 96-98.4 per cent similar to that of humans they should be able to legally own assets.

My goal in law school is learn how to defend the rights of livestock producers to make an honest living doing what they love. No doubt, those who truly abuse animals are breaking current laws and violating their responsibility to care for animals’ well being. However, I’m confident in six years I’ve been actively engaged in the industry I’ve never met a producer who doesn’t love livestock and treat theirs with utmost care and respect. I become increasingly concerned when the government is granted increasing power to dictate what people can and cannot do with their livestock property and even go as far as using laws to determine what people can and cannot eat. I’ll talk about that more in my next post.


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