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WSB-TV exposes HSUS

Last month WSB-TV did a segment exposing HSUS and how they extract money from people who think they are donating to local humane shelters but rarely contribute to these shelters. The video was taken off YouTube but is now available again through Vidoosh. Click here to see the video. I’d encourage you to forward this link on to your contacts.


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Animal Rights groups courting Miley and Rush

HSUS and PETA are courting some new high profile celebrities these days. Rush Limbaugh has recorded two audio spots for the HSUS and PETA has awarded Miley Cyrus a Compassionate Citizenship award.
I’d encourage you to write letters to celebs when you hear about them getting in with the wrong crowd. I’m hoping someone can get through calling in on Rush’s show to talk to him about the HSUS and what they’re really up to.


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Extremist attacks against animal ag increasing

Extremist attacks on animal agriculture are on the rise, according to a article published this morning. Acts of sabotage, vandalism and arson against the industry by radical groups such as the Animal Liberation Front climbed to 640 in 2008, up from 467 in 2007, an increase of more than 35 percent. This is according to information from the Animal Agriculture Alliance.

“The message is loud and clear that the agenda of these groups is
focused solely on advancing a vegan agenda through destruction and
intimidation,” Alliance President Kay Johnson Smith said in a statement. “The fact that extremists are willing to massively increase their attacks on the food chain during a serious economic downturn should cause major alarm for all companies and organizations responsible for feeding people.”

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About HSUS

Did you know that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) raised money on the false premise of caring for Michael Vick’s dogs but actually recommended the dogs be put down? How about the fact the organization sat on the undercover video taken at the Chino, Calif. packing plant for three months, even refusing to share it with the United States Department of Agriculture? Today Amanda Nolz shared some little known facts about HSUS in her Beef Daily Blog post “7 Things You Didn’t Know About HSUS.” Check it out!

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Leona Helmsley’s will money shouldn’t go to HSUS or PETA

The following letter to the editor appeared in yesterday’s Washington Post regarding what should happen to money left in a will to animals:

News of Leona Helmsley’s multibillion-dollar animal-welfare bequest was a real breath of fresh air. However, I was very discouraged to read that the two biggest animal rights organizations in America already are trying to cash in on her unexpected generosity (“Animal groups out to fetch part of Helmsley estate,” Web, Business, July 2). Neither group deserves a dime.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals raised $30 million last year. Yet public records from the state of Virginia show that the group’s employees put to death more than 90 percent of the dogs and cats they took in for adoption. PETA found adoptive homes for less than 1 percent.

The Humane Society of the United States isn’t much better. Despite its name, it doesn’t operate any pet shelters. Not one. However, this “humane society” – in name only – raised more than $100 million last year.

The executors of Mrs. Helmsley’s estate should distribute her wealth exclusively to dog and cat shelters in U.S. communities. These are the organizations doing the hands-on work that large animal rights groups tend to avoid. Better yet, why not establish a real national umbrella group for humane societies? The United States has never had one before. Perhaps it’s about time.


Research director
Center for Consumer Freedom

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PETA propaganda aims at kids

The report Your Kids, PETA’s Pawns explains how the animal rights group is actively seeking out children as young a six with everything from protests at Elementary schools to graphic comic books.

PETA Mom Kills comic

PETA Mom Kills comic

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Who is the HSUS?

Despite it’s name, the Humane Society of the United States or HSUS has nothing to do with your local animal shelters. Most local animal shelters are under-funded. HSUS has accumulated over $113 million in assets, enough money to finance animal shelters in every single state, yet it doesn’t operate a single one anywhere.
The real mission of HSUS is to economically cripple the animal agriculture industry along with circuses, hunting and animal research. They want to take away the right of people to chose for themselves if they want to consumer meat or dairy products and even oppose life saving medical advancements that come from animal research.
For more information, read about the HSUS on

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