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Producers respond to Food, Inc.

I posted a while ago about the opening of Food, Inc, a documentary attacking the agriculture industry. There have been two great responses to the movie on the Farm Bureau blog.

In the first post, Chris Chinn states ” This movie is an assault on food production and agriculture. No matter the size of your farm or ranch, if you are a modern farmer, using science-based production methods, the messages of this movie are an affront to you staying in business. As a farmer, agriculture is my life calling, and I have dedicated my life to producing safe, nutritious and affordable food. Our farm operation revolves around my family, and we manage every aspect of our farm in a socially responsible manner so we can pass it down to our children. Animal agriculture is the backbone of my rural community and many other rural communities across this country. I understand that contemporary agriculture doesn’t look like it did in the past. But agriculture is like many other industries that have had to become more efficient to survive.” You can learn more about Chris and her family’s hog farm by watching her YouTube video below.

In the other post, Glenn Brunkow says Food, Inc is “a sensationalized, full-on attack of the farmers and ranchers who utilized modern technology to produce the most wholesome, abundant supply of food in the world. If you a member of the agriculture community I am asking you to share our story with your non-ag friends and associates. Education is the key to stemming this tide mis-informed, anti-ag messages.”


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KFB Care & Respect Ads

A couple months ago I shared with you one of the T.V. ads from Kansas Farm Bureau’s care and respect campaign, which features real farmers and ranchers talking about what they do for a living. I thought I’d share a couple more today – and probably more again next week. These are the kind of videos producers could make about their own ranches to share with people they know and upload to YouTube and their farm Web sites if they have one.

Stacey & David Forshee

Matt Perrier

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Meet a Maple and Christmas Tree Farmer

American Farm Bureau has a need meet the farmer feature up on Marian and J.P. Welch, maple and Christmas tree farmers in Worthington, Mass. This is a great example of using the Internet to connect consumers to real life farmers and ranchers.

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Farmers engaging consumers in new ways

American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman’s commentary on farmers engaging consumers in new ways appears in today’s Bemidji Pioneer.

“Today, communicating with consumers means that farmers and ranchers must be active in a wide range of conversations. No longer can we only reach out to traditional media such as print and broadcast outlets to help us tell the story of American agriculture,” Stallman says.

“If someone would have told me three years ago that Farm Bureau would soon be communicating via blogs, Facebook, YouTube or through podcasts, I would have said, “What kind of pod?” But, as the social and technological environment changes, farmers and ranchers must be able to reach out to the public directly using tools consumers themselves use, and most importantly engage our nation’s youth who get the majority of their information from the Internet.”

For the full commentary, click here.

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Blogging and Social Networking for Ranchers

Chad Golladay of recently blogged about Six Reasons Ranchers Blog, citing reasons from connecting with other people to marketing or promoting something. He also has blogged about What Ranchers Can Learn from 2008’s #1 Marketer. Most anyone won’t recognize his name but it’s hard to turn around without hearing about his client or the company her founded. Read the post to find out who he is and what ranchers can learn from him.

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One Pork Producer’s YouTube Production

One great way to get your message out to a large group is through a YouTube video. Watch the video below to see pork producer Chad Leman takes viewers on a brief tour of his family operation near Eureka, Illinois. Chad explains how he raises pigs and how his family produces a safe and nutritious product for consumers.

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Want to know how pigs are raised?

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