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What you can do about “swine flu” scare

No doubt you’ve heard about the swine flu craze and the negative affect the name has had on the U.S. pork industry. Here are two easy things you can do to in order to combat the misinformation.

1. Don’t call it swine flu. Call it H1N1 virus or the North American flu.

2. Email the following letter or a variation of it to your friends and family.

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Family,

No doubt you have all heard of the outbreak of the H1N1 virus that the media has been calling “Swine Flu”. Our family feels compelled to provide you with the best information about this situation that we have available.

First and most importantly, pork and pork products are safe. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) influenza H1N1 “is not transmitted by food. You cannot get this flu from eating pork products.” U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, has said that the virus should not be called “swine flu” because there is no evidence that any swine in the U.S. or anywhere in the world have been found infected or sick with the virus.

Secondly, modern pork production practices are designed to protect both animal and human health. Animals are housed in facilities that are designed to ensure health and safety of the herd. These practices keep animals, clean, safe and protect the animals from predators, disease and extreme weather.

Finally, the CDC has also said that is has found no evidence to indicate that any of the human illnesses resulted from contact with pigs.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx. If you would like additional information, check out the National Pork Board’s website at and the National Pork Producers Council website at

We take seriously our role to be responsible members of our community, and to provide safe food for consumers around the world.

Thank you,

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx


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Contact Representatives to Protect your Private Property Rights


The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW) plans to hold a mark-up of S. 787 – the Clean Water Restoration Act of 2009 – next Thursday, May 7, 2009. This bill would take away your rights to manage the water on your private property! WE NEED YOUR HELP to defeat this bill by calling the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee today and telling them NOT TO MARK-UP S. 787.

Currently, waters under the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act are defined as “navigable waters of the United States.” The Clean Water Restoration Act would remove the word “navigable” from the definition which would give the federal government, for the first time, the power to regulate all waters within a state including: small and intermittent streams, mudflats, sloughs, mud holes, wet meadows, playa lakes, natural and manmade ponds including stockponds, groundwater, ditches, pipes, streets, gutters, ephemeral drainages, wet farmland, drain tiles, and more.

This would take authority away from state governments and private property owners. Federal Clean Water Act jurisdiction would be brought all the way to the ranch, and would amount to a huge land grab on the part of the federal government!

Please tell the Environment and Public Works Committee NOT TO MARK-UP S. 787 by calling 202-224-8832 today!

Should the bill be passed by the Committee, it will then be voted upon by the Senate. To urge your Senators to oppose S. 787, please CLICK HERE!


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Rush gets Rushed

Rush Limbaugh is getting rushed with emails and phone calls about his recent affiliation with the HSUS. Agriculture groups are busy calling and emailing Rush to let him know what the HSUS is really all about. This action alert from the Animal Agriculture Alliance lists ways to contact Rush over this issue. This morning I commented on a National Institute of Canine Experts (NICE) bog post, which provides information about Rush’s sponsors and suggests contacting them as well. A couple minutes later, I got a call from NICE’s Ami Moore sharing their concerns with the HSUS and commitment to making sure Rush hears from our side of this issue.

It’s important to get involved because HSUS is also busy encouraging its supporters to contact and thank Rush. So far I’ve hear Rush is unwilling to talk about the issue on air.


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Celebrate Earth Day the Beef Way

Earth Day this Wednesday is an excellent opportunity to share the message about ranchers caring about the environment not just on earth day but every day. In my opinion, ranchers are the original environmentalists because they care for their land in hopes to pass it on from generation to generation. Below is a sample letter to the Editor you can adjust by adding personal stories and send in to your local paper.

Dear Editor:

As we celebrate Earth Day this year I’d like to offer some food for thought. While some people take one day or one week every year to think about their impact on the environment, America’s farmers and ranchers get up every day to care for the land. We are everyday environmentalists.

I’m a cattleman, and I live close to the earth every day. I have seen first-hand how cattle grazing maintains healthy grasslands (cattle are a lot like lawnmowers). Grazing helps control water runoff and erosion, minimize the risk of wildfires and maintain open space and wildlife habitat.

We raise our cattle on the millions of acres of U.S. land that aren’t suitable for growing crops. This almost doubles the land that can be used to produce food in this country.

If anybody wants to know what it means to be an everyday environmentalist, I’d suggest you walk in my boots for a day!


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Antibiotic Use and Estate Tax Legislation

Visit Kansas Farm Bureau’s CapWiz page to take action on antibiotic use and estate tax.

The proposed antibiotic bill would remove important antibiotics and classes of antibiotics from the market, handicapping veterinarians and livestock producers in their efforts to maintain animal health and protect our nation’s food supply.

Congress will soon debate whether to keep the estate tax exemption at $3.5 million a person and the top rate at 45 percent. Farm Bureau needs your signature on it’s petition to demonstrate to Congress that estate taxes need to be eliminated.


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Oppose Criminalizing Horse Meat Petition

This link will take you to a petition urging Congress to Oppose Criminalizing Horse Meat. Follow the link to sign the petition and also easily send emails to President Obama and your representatives.

I have major concerns with the government regulating what people can or can not eat. The following quote from Thomas Jefferson sums up this view well:

“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” –Thomas Jefferson

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Kansas MBA class

Recently, I worked with K-State’s Beef Cattle Institute and the Kansas Beef Council to host the first hands on training for NCBA‘s Master’s of Beef Advocacy (MBA) training program. The program consists of six online training models, covering topics ranging from nutrition to the environment, as well as a hands on session. NCBA’s Executive Director of Communications Daren Williams led our training where 39 Kansas producers, Ag businesspeople, and students participated in mock interviews and online advocacy training.

To learn more about the MBA program read the Beef Board press release about the first MBA graduation or read the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle story about it. Those interested in signing up a program can request an application from NCBA’s new Young Producers Council (YPC) is planning on having a graduation ceremony durning Beef Industry Summer Conference (July 14-18) in Denver.

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