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HSUS primed to hit Ohio

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is following up its victory with proposition 2 in California by attacking Ohio’s agriculture industry. HSUS has sat down with agriculture groups in Ohio and announced its intentions to put a citizen referendum to ban sow gestation stalls, veal crates and battery cages for layer hens on the November 2010 ballot. For more information about what’s going on in Ohio read the VIN News story.

Here’s what one Ohio Ag industry rep has to say about the issue:

“This may be the single biggest challenge that the agricultural community in Ohio has ever faced,” said Joe Cornely, spokesman for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. “It’s a huge challenge for our industry to be able to convey to a public without agriculture knowledge the intricacies of what it takes to put meat on their plate and milk in their glass. Who knows what will transpire if it comes to a point where we have to face off against HSUS with voters on this?”

Ohio Farm Bureau and other agriculture groups in Ohio have expressed willingness to talk with HSUS up to this point. Many are worried about coming to a compromise with HSUS, saying the group would just come back asking for more.

All I know is we need to hang a loss on HSUS. I hope we can come together as an industry and fight this on a united front. An easy way to start is talking to people you know in Ohio about your concerns. There’s no doubt if this comes to a ballot initiative, people’s time and money from across the country will be needed.

What other ways can you think of for agriculture enthusiasts to make a difference Ohio, even if they live far away?


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